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Set of 4 Wind-Up Rockfish Toys


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           Designed For Endless Fun And Cherished Family Moments

          Adorably Engaging Design

          These Fish toys are not only fun but also captivating with their lifelike appearance and remarkable 360-degree rotation capability. These toys spark children's imagination, providing endless hours of entertainment and adventure. P.S. Also loved by CATS and DOGS

          Skill Development for Kids

          Designed for children, these wind-up toys are perfect for both girls and boys. They help children develop their audiovisual skills and contribute to their overall growth and development.

          Easy to Play, Unlimited Excitement

          Our wind-up toys are incredibly easy to use. Just wind up the spring by turning it clockwise and set the toy down. Then, watch in delight as it springs to life, darting across tables, floors, or any smooth surface in different directions.

          Safe and Reliable Materials

          Our clockwork toys are built to last, thanks to their high-quality, thick plastic construction. With durability as a top priority, these toys offer a long service life, ensuring countless hours of joy and laughter.

          Strengthening Bonds

           By playing with these wind-up jumping toys, parents and children can enjoy quality time together and strengthen their bond. These toys are a delightful way to create joyful moments and lasting memories.


          Product Dimensions: 5.4*1.6*2.6in
          Package Includes: Set of 4 Wind-Up Rockfish Toys