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Balloon Car Launcher Mega Set


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          Are you looking for a toy that will blow your child's mind with so much fun?

          Watch their little eyes light up with joy when they see this!

          Scientific Fun

          Keep little ones entertained for hours! Using science, watch the car zoom across the floor or the astronaut fly high by using just balloons. Watch them laugh and smile with joy!

          Child Development

          Encourage and stimulate your child's hands-on skills and development away from mobile, tablet & TV screens. Play for hours with siblings, friends, and family.

          Child-Parent Bonding

          Spend time bonding with your little one making fun games and tracks together. It makes the perfect Christmas gift for them to enjoy. Perfect for children aged 3+ years old.

          Easy to Use 

          No batteries or chargers are needed! Simply use the power of air! Just pump air into the balloons using the pump (included) and watch them fly. Unlike other toys, you'll save the earth and also money from consistently replacing batteries.

          Package Includes
          1 X Balloon launch tower
          2 x Powered balloon car
          1 X Powered balloon crab car
          1 X Launch tower
          1 X Astronaut launcher
          1 X Rocket launcher
          12 X Durable balloons